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" This is the only keylogger with remote installation feature, and the only one can bypass antivirus to run and spy!!! Cool!."(Read More)--Vikey

" Thanks very much! I have tried several keyloggers which claim to be able to remote install, however no one can be used or are with bad user experience to configure and use. It is only your iSafe Remote Install keylogger that works!"(Read More)--Jerry

" You just saved my day!!! I now know everything thats is happening on the computer and I feel so much better because of that. Thank you so much once again! "(Read More)--Chad Max

" Have paid the full version, it is works so well. Have paid the full version, it works so well. I used the trial version to remotely monitor my kids who is in a boarding school far from home. Amazing! the logs contain any activities such as typing, website logs, voice chatting and more..."(Read More)--Cheney