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Best Keylogger for Parental Control & Employee Monitoring

iSafe remote installation keylogger-the world class keylogger-the keylogger that can be really remotely installed!

Have no physical access to remote target computer?

Remotely Installable Keylogger is the BEST choice!

100% Antivirus Friendly Keylogger! It's worth every penny of it.


Can pretend to any file keylogger-pretends-file-type
Compatible with following

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To use remote installable keylogger, please do as following instructions:

1, After payment, please upload some files in which the keylogger monitoring module will be embedded and disguised (JPEG photo, Word Doc, PPT, PDF, Game application or any other kind of file you hope the keylogger embedded in and disguised as) to the entry you received after your purchase.

2, Our engineers, most of whom are monitoring software experts, compile the masked keylogger and inject it into files, with state-of-the-art bypassing security and antivirus software blocking installation in the background technology, you uploaded and send it to your email address in about 30 minutes.

Note: If a new version of the antivirus software or a new Windows operating system is released, we may need more time to do compatibility testing to ensure that it can bypass the intercept and monitor.

3, You send the disguised keylogger to target computer and it will be installed invisibly and the file you uploaded to us will be opened and shown to the target user (the user cannot detect any abnormal thing at all)

4,Keylogger makes itself auto start (bypassing anti-virus) and it reduces itself to image file or Word Doc, with the same content format and file icon so there is no trace left at all.

5, It runs in the background and begins to monitor and send logs to your email timely.

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3 Year License (Regular $810.95 - now only $110.95!)
The default license period is 1 year, you must purchase again when it expires. So we suggest that you choose the 3 year license to save money.
Extended Download Service (Only $19.70!)
After choosing this service, you can permanently download the registered version if you lost the license code or program for any reason. Our system will automatically send the registered version to your email when you apply.
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