• Simple & Powerful,Clean & Safe
  • iSafe Employee Monitor allows you to record and monitor all activities happen on your computer and have it delivered to your email or generated reports! Automatically stealthily record every IM chat, monitor every website and control it all easily.

    No other PC monitor tool gives you the security of knowing you'll be able to collect every screenshot and every keystroke with just the click of a button. No other employee monitoring software enables you to track and analyze staff performance,disable apps, fiter internet or data, control online time,block unwanted websites...and generate employee activity report real time or on time!

    Every keystroke from popular chat, online email and social sites is recorded. Including Myspace, Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM and any other programs. When some employees violate your control rule, alerts will deliver to you.

  • No Trances, No Tracks
  • Unlike other keylogger's or internet monitoring software, iSafe Employee Monitoring can't be noticed or uninstalled the typical way (Windows Add/Remove Programs).

  • Install iSafe Employee Monitor and forget it, and it keeps monitoring for you! removespywareguide.org removespywareguide.org Awards