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  Advanced Remote KeyLogger $49

ISafe LAN monitoring software system is a special computer LAN monitoring software enterprise, can real-time remote monitoring of a single employee computer screen, all operations can also automatically record the computer, such as a keyboard recording, chat, email records, screen recording, and also prohibits employees use work related software,to screen out specific web site! Super eye is a powerful monitoring system, excellent performance, is the monitoringsoftware enterprise!

Version features: can monitor the internal LAN computer, also can monitor any networked computer can.
Version Description: managers in their own computer, to all employees within the LAN computer remote operation, monitoring and management in an all-round way, for all
Computer operating well employees.
Scope of application: the same LAN monitoring
Network requirements: management computer and monitor computer is within a local area network (usually with a router under the computer on a LAN). If it is on a different network, that is not in the same network, you need to install the use of our dedicated network version can.
System requirements: Windows98 Windows2000 Windows2003 windowsXP windowsVista windows

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  The eight core function $45

Chat monitoring 1 computer screen monitoring / computer desktop monitoring
ISafe monitoring software can monitor all staff LAN LAN computer desktop, with TV wall real time checking employees (currently supports up to watch the 16 computer at the same time) computer desktop real time operation, also support for big screen viewing of a single employee computer real time monitoring computer desktop, with staff of every act and every move, is an important operation in the employee can real time view and guide, also can track the need to focus on the monitoring of employees, any knowledge of his activities in the computer.
Computer screen monitoring
2 keyboard recording / clipboard recording monitoring
All the staff can record the keyboard computer input record, including a variety of chat, messaging records, document input record, URL to access records various Internet behavior, path includes the window title, content delivery time and the use of the program at the same time. Easy to know the working hours of employees visited what website, company sensitive information is not leaked, employees have no fly list. The iSafe computer monitoring software can not only record the keyboard input, and copy and paste the contents are well documented, maximum protection of company data security.
The file operation monitor
3 traffic monitoring
ISafe monitoring software LAN can flow either computer monitoring LAN, showing the total flow, upload and download traffic flow. Support in two ways: you can choose a single employee flow monitoring, can monitor multiple staff computer flow, facilitate the IT Department management. Also can timely know whether employees in a large number of download or upload a file.
Mail sending and receiving control
4 system information monitoring
ISafe monitoring software LAN allowed to control the remote viewing employees end computer is currently running what programs, as well as the path to the program; the current open specific information which services and services such as the name, path, description, start type; can also view the current running software list, convenient management personnel know employees during working hours at use what program, if there is a start and work related procedures and the company prohibits sensitive program etc.. The function of LAN management brings great convenience.
Remote control
5 remote control / LAN Management
You can batch or individually controlled shutdown, restart the computer staff and cancellation; batch or send messages to the staff, improve management efficiency; can also be used for remote file management: remote operator computer files, such as view, copy, paste, modify, delete, rename, cutting etc.. You can upload files to the staff computer can download employee files on the computer; also can unilaterally remote control staff computer desktop.
Remote control
The 6 screen recording / file operation records
In addition to the remote file operations, iSafe computer monitoring software also provides employee computer file operation monitoring and recording, the staff of the files on the computer operation is recorded in detail, including the type of operation and the operation time and the path to the file, modify, delete the new employee computer files, all records be crystal clear, so that the managers to track important documents. And the screen recording function of automatic timing on employee computer screenshots and save, managers can generally understand the fastest staff whether to do anything other than work during working hours.
Remote control
The 7 program, USB, Webpage ban filtering function
Can limit employee use which procedure in the "limit", such as disabling chat software such as QQ, the popular film broadcast program or only allow employees to use what program; can limit the employees can not access to which Webpage such as video, pornography, stock or provisions which Webpage staff can access only to enhance the efficiency of the staff; connection the provisions can be banned, USB and computer only authorized USB can only be connected to a computer.
Remote control
8 safe reliable / completely hidden operation
ISafe monitoring system has been deployed in more than 5000 companies installed, tested in the long term, stable and reliable software, even hundreds of computer can speed operation. And after software installation completely covert operation, without leaving any traces, on a local hard drive or task manager cannot see the software process.
The iSafe team to make iSafe the first domestic brand monitoring software, worth your dependence!

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